blue cosmic

Dany Ahmad

vocals, guitars

Notch Anderson

guitars, electronics

Billy "The Boy" Roy Rubin


Morris More

drums, samples

Sex Trance Acid Jams


They run for the sake of getting lost and go astray on the paths of the mind. Through the limitless darkness of the night and the glaring of day they dance and tumble, drunken with bliss; from the outskirts of the preordained they draw mesmeric concepts. They laugh in the face of the gaping abyss while turning their heads towards the stars. Ask your shadow for a dance. They know about the blue cosmic.

Blue Cosmic is a Berlin based band whose core members are Dany Ahmad, Notch Anderson and Billy Roy Rubin. Formed in summer 2015 they are about to release their debut album "Colors of the Desert" in September 2016.


Die, die Laufen, um sich zu verirren, Denken zum Entschwinden, taumelnd durch den Tag stolpernd, tanzend durch die Nacht schreiten, fantastische Ideen bergend aus den Enden des Vorherbestimmten, lachend vor dem Abgrund stehend, den Kopf erst recht gen Himmel drehend, den Schatten um ein Tänzchen bittend, wissen um das Blue Cosmic.

Im Sommer 2015 gegründet, haben Blue Cosmic ihr Debütalbum "Colors of the Desert" im September 2016 veröffentlicht.

Blue Cosmic
Colors of the Desert

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physical copies shipping from September 19th

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